Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Do you use Warm up and Exit Tickets?

Do you use Warm-up and Exit Tickets? 

I know exactly what warm up tickets are.  Our school system has used them for many years.  A warm up ticket is an activity that can be completed without teacher direction and takes about five minutes. Warm up tickets are partially used so that you can get attendance done and other things ready for the lesson to begin.

On the other hand exit tickets are a quick assessment and used at the end of the class. They should take about two minutes and help to improve students retention.  This is something that I have not experience or have heard of teachers using in my school corporation.

I believe that these activities should be a type of formative assessment.  By adding warm up and exit tickets as a teacher one can get a better understanding of the needs of the students.  Our goal is for each student to be successful in class.  I think that using a variety of tools would help in assessing the students needs.  It would also give a teacher a more accurate picture of what students know and understand.  After gathering the information we can quickly identify any problems or misconceptions that students have and address them immediately or the next day when information is fresh in students minds.  All of these things would help each student to be successful in class.

There are a lot of warm up and exit activities that can be used.  A few ideas that I have used include:

  1. Quizlet
  2. 3 Statements - where you give the students a subject or topic and they must tell you three things they know about that subject or topic.
  3. SOS Statement - Give a Statement, Students provide opinion (agree/disagree), Support their opinion with evidence, facts or examples.
  4. Post it questions - Students post a question on padlet or some other device relating to the lesson that they didn't understand or want to know more about.  The next day students can try to answer Post it questions that were posted.
  5. Art Photo - Students are shown a photo and tell what they see or feel about the photo.  They can predict what happened before or after the photo. 
  6. Current Event article - Students find a current event article and summarizes it on blog or somewhere the class can access.  
  7. Read an article provided and answer questions related to the article.
  8. Answer Poll or Survey in Google docs, Edmodo, etc.
A colleague, Lisa, and I created this list

More Ideas

What have you used for warm up or an exit ticket?


  1. I love the idea of the SOS bell work. I have not used that technique before. With such a catchy title, I know I will not forget it!
    Your idea of 3 statements reminds me of one of my go-to exit slips called a 3-2-1: 3 things the kids leaned, 2 opinions they have on the lesson 1 - question they have. You can switch out the actual 3 things you want them to put on the slip, but I tend to leave the 1 question on there.

    1. SOS is similar to 3-2-1. I like SOS because so many things in science you can agree or disagree about. There are so many facts that you can back up your opinion with. Makes a great win-win for science!

    2. Excellent point about science class. I will have to share that with my husband (the science teacher) :)

  2. Well done. It's no wonder warm-ups and exit tickets are so popular. I agree with you--use them as formative assessments. Unassessed would make it seem like busywork. A formative assessment--you as teacher can gauge how rigorous it should be.

  3. Definitely have to make sure it is not busywork. The high school students always ask is this for a grade? Is this participation points only? How much is this worth? One just has to make it part of an assessment grade for high school to make it effective. Otherwise, the students just will not do the work. I find that very unfortunate. When I was in school, if it was assigned you did the assignment and it in. No questions asked. It truly is a different today.