Monday, June 8, 2015

A lot of learning has begun

I have learned how to do many things already for my first grad class MTI 563

I not only have set up this blog, but I now have a twitter account.  I have searched and followed my professor on twitter.  I am waiting for classmates to post their handle so I can follow them.

I have reviewed wiki and learned how to navigate and find important things.

I have added my professor to a google+ circle.  I created my own circle titled MTI 563 so I can put everyone in one place.  So happy I figured that one out without asking my children.  I think last night they were like "Mom really you can figure this stuff out".  I guess I can!  It has just been so long since I have taken classes, I am a bit nervous about being able to understand and do all that is required.  I am used to being on the other end.  Doing the majority of the teaching and learning some from my students along the way.

Now I am off to figure out Digital Portfolio...I hope there is an app for that in google+.  

Wish me Luck,

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  1. Is there any better feeling than solving a tech problem? Such a high.