Thursday, June 11, 2015

Learned how to use Jing

Good Afternoon,

I have learned a tremendous amount already in my grad class MTI 563.  I am beginning to think I have been living in a technology bubble.  This is not to be any longer!  I really am enjoying learning about all kinds of tech tools that are readily available for my use. My high school has taught us about a few tech tools, but I am definitely impressed with the list of things I am exploring.  Who knows one day I may branch out and use that search engine to find more!

Today I took the time to learn more about Screencast and Jing.  I can already see that I am going to love to use both of these in my teaching.  I can honestly say that prior to this class I have never heard of either of these two web tools, nor have I seen any teacher use these tools. At my school we have used the Prometheus board.  Which I am still learning how to use.  It is really great tool in the elementary schools.  However it is not used as much at the high school level.

I took a photo that I had taken when I visited the Chicago Museum of Natural History to incorporate what the students need to learn about faults. In this photo it is a thrust fault.  I have put in all the information that covers the common core standards on thrust faults.  I new this photo would be helpful to the students in understanding thrust faults when I took it.  I am even happier now that I do not have to stand and point out the information and give a lecture.  They can look at it and absorb the information as needed with me adding additional information.  I found this to be a difficult concept for the youth to understand.  I certainly believe that paring the photo with Jing will be a great success.

Here is the link to see the photo and information.

I hope you all enjoy and give Jing a try.


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  1. This is one of my favorite tools. Free helps too. I once installed it on all my lab computers, but it got a bit clunky with the log-ins for youngers. MS--no worries.