Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thoughts on using Twitter in the classroom

Today while reading an article "How to use twitter in your classroom" written by Ask a Tech Teacher I wanted to express my thoughts.  I know that twitter is used constantly with teens.  I can definitely see some possibilities with using Twitter in the classroom.

Students could tweet out there questions while your teaching a lesson.  You could ask students to review those questions and respond for an assignment the next day.  In English class I have an endless list running through my head.  I would give the kids a list of words and they could tweet out synonyms and antonyms.  I believe that you could utilize poetry in tweets. For any class you could have the students tweet during the very beginning of class.  We call this time "Bell work" at my school.  On these days you could call it "Tweet out day"  A great way to mix up the daily structure of class, while your taking attendance and getting all the little details completed so you can begin class at the high school and middle school levels.

One challenge that I have at the high school level is that teens like to turn off and pack up 5-10 minutes before the class is over.  You could use this time to utilize twitter.  You could ask each student to tweet one or two things that they learned that day.  For those that do not have a phone they could use someone else's in class and add there first name in the tweet.

My mind is running wild with twitter and I have only tweeted 3 times!  I hope this has made you think about how you can use twitter in your class.  Take the time to follow the link I provided and read over the article for yourself.  There is a lot of other education ideas to read about.

Happy Tweeting!


  1. Good ideas, Scherry. I like the use as an exit ticket.

  2. I know I jumped ahead on reading this article. It drew my attention and I got side tracked from my student work for this class that day. It really did inspire me and give me a new outlook on twitter and allowing a phone out in the classroom during designated times. Plus you can always have students without a phone log on to twitter on the computer. A plus when you work in a school with a population of poverty children.

  3. There are ways to have Tweets appear in SMS threads. Then students don't need the internet connection on phones.