Friday, June 12, 2015

Little Bird Tales

My last web tool that I have looked at for my MTI 563 class is Little Bird Tales.  I did not create a project using this website.  I how ever did look around the website to see how the web tool works.

Little Bird Tales is a website where students can share a story/ artwork/ document that they have created.  They can add their own voice or text to the story or artwork that is uploaded.  One of the big pros of this web tool is that you have the ability to email the completed document.  How wonderful would it be as a parent to get an email of a completed piece of work during the school day.  It appears to me that this website would be great for all grade levels.  This website can be used on an ipad or an iphone.  A downfall of this web tool is that you are only limited to 3 minutes of recording time.  At the end of a school year all work can be transferred to a parent account for each student.  The downfall the parents must pay for this account.Teacher accounts also have a limited amount of space available for use.  They do have free accounts however they only good for 90 days.

This website would be a nice tool to use for the elementary students.  However it does not appear to be a web tool that I would use.

Thanks for reading about Little Bird Tales,


  1. Good summary. I think this one--like many--want to encourage the paid accounts. I wonder if that works, considering all of the options available.

  2. I always get bummed when I see a great tool that is limited to a specific set of devices. Little Bird Tales would be a great tool to use at my school, but we do not have ipads. Another tool that I saw that was only for ipads and iphones is Nutshell. It is project lead by Prezi. It is a nice tool to sum something up in a short video. Once again, I would love to try it out, but we don't have ipads.

  3. We do not have ipads either. We have something similar in the lower elementary but I am not sure what it is called. I know some of our schools use Prezi. I have never used this tool. I plan on taking a look at it.